What Do We Paint?

We love to paint kitchens!  You could say that's our specialty, however, we also love to update other places in your home.  We have painted and whitewashed brick fireplaces and updated the inserts, painted walls, painted front entrance doors, painted and stenciled tile backsplashes, and painted and used epoxy on countertops, as well as other home improvement projects.  Whenever possible, we connect with other local small businesses to recommend people we know who may be able to help you complete a project if it's something we don't do ourselves.  

Project Gallery

Better Together

They say two is better than one, and I'm happy to say most of our projects are done with Erin and I together.  Erin owns her own business, Lucky Star Lane/Painted Teal, but we've worked together since 2015, and we make a great team!   Here's a little about us.

Karen Shippey 

Karen started Cottage Whimsy in 2014.  She has been painting for over two decades, starting with projects in her home.  Gradually, her love for DIY began to extend to friends and family, and a business was born.  Karen worked with Erin in her store for 5 years where she painted and sold furniture, and taught sign painting classes. 

Erin Debri

Erin started Lucky Star Lane/Painted Teal in 2013.  She opened a store in Grand Ledge in 2015 where she sold home decor and beautiful painted and repurposed furniture until 2020.  She has been painting most of her life, and has experience with faux finishing and a great eye for color.