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We start by giving you a free quote.  This can be done either by sending us pictures of your project, or we can make an appointment to come to your house.  We will also discuss all the details with you about color and how you want your space to look when it's finished.  We are happy to offer any design or color help if needed.  Once you're ready to move forward we will establish a start date and put your project on our calendar.  No down payment is needed until the day we start your project, and we collect half down that day with the balance due at completion.  We do have you sign a contract, and we are both insured companies.

Every project is a little bit unique.  For kitchens, we do not need you to empty your cabinets, but we do ask that you empty the drawers.  We remove doors and take them to our studio to finish, and we paint the bases at your home.  Your kitchen is usable during the process, and most kitchens are completed within 2 weeks.  The details of each project are outlined in the contract.  
Painted cabinets are very durable once they are cured.  The curing process does take up to 30 days, and we leave plenty of leftover paint for any necessary touch-ups.  
We believe in the quality of the products we use, and we have used them in our own homes.  

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